I was born by having s3x with me: Jane

05 Apr, 2018. IST
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Self S3x:

Do you know you can be born by having s3x with yourself by converting gender? Ha ha ha ha ! I am kidding. But this can be happen, if you have a time machine


It’s all about time travel. All you need is a Time Machine, but unfortunately you can see time machine only in movies, as it is an imaginary world. You can imagine whatever you want and capture in camera. This is also about a movie called Predestination


Predestination is a sci-fi thriller, by Robert A. Heinlein, produced by Pinnacle Films, Stage 6 Films.

Plot: This movie is about a girl(Jane), abandoned by her parents. they left her at orphanage. Unlike other girls, she have no temptation & feelings to opposite gender, and she was very strong equal to man, can break a car glass in a single punch. Jane never thought about her s3xuality until she saw someone kissing. She always used to think about why her parents abandon her? What is her fault

Baby Girl
Jane is interested in aerospace and once got offer from SpaceCorp, searching for a strong female to send to space. She passed in all tests, but one mistake of her, made her rejected. She fought with fellow girl & broke her nose. After a lot of struggles being single, having no love, no parents, she met with a guy, rich & handsome and fell in love with him

After days passing she becomes unmarried mother, and gave birth to a baby, is having a good health condition. This is the most important for you to understand the story

Doctors found her, having both male & female s3xuality, and insisted for the surgery to convert to male. Then the man who loved her left her, and never came back. New born baby was kidnapped by a mysterious man. Jane became very depressed, and started becoming like a man. No one offers him a job.

Now here comes the Time Machine. The real story begins now. Do you think, Jane go back to past and correct her mistake and go to space? But you can watch the full movie and tell me the review. Because watching is more surprising than reading. Here’s the link: